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December 2, 2021 | Logan Simmons
We all love the convenience of ordering something online and having it delivered to our door a few d

We all love the convenience of ordering something online and having it delivered to our door a few days later but are you one of the millions of pet parents that orders their pet’s food too?  According to an industry report, 55% of all pet food sales in the US will be online by 2025.  In fact, we’re already well on our way to that figure as 37% of pet food sales are expected to be online this year alone.

It all seemed to accelerate with the pandemic as purchasing behaviors, including for pet food, shifted online as consumers where less comfortable visiting stores in person.  Now, one would think that this would harm physical stores, but many pet stores have begun to place an increased emphasis on online sales including buying online and picking up in store.  At PURELUXE Pet Food, we, along with our retail and distributor partners, have adapted as well.

We’ve rolled out an entirely new buying experience for our US customers on pureluxepetfood.com with even more site upgrades on the way.  Soon, you’ll be able to subscribe to your favorite PURELUXE dog and cat formulas and have them delivered to your door at regular intervals.  Additionally, our site makes it easy to find our local retail partners across the US while also being able to locate our international distributors.  In fact, a number of our international distributors have online sales sites as well as physical store locations where you can get your PURELUXE.

Whether we meet you in store or online, you can trust PURELUXE Pet Food to continue to deliver the finest transparent and holistic dog and cat formulas on the market.  Visit pureluxepetfood.com today.



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