Bust the Dog Food Myths

April 28, 2022 | Logan Simmons
When it comes to the world of dog food, there are experts, influencers and opinionated friends and f

When it comes to the world of dog food, there are experts, influencers and opinionated friends and family to be found all around.  They tell you to buy this and not that, and it seems like the smallest mistake might cause doom for our pet kids.  However, there’s a lot of false information out there.  Here are PURELUXE Pet Food’s top myths based on a recent publication:

1.) All pet foods meet the AAFCO nutrition profiles so they must offer the same nutrition.  This is false.  The AAFCO guidelines state only minimum values for certain nutrients in dog food and only maximum amounts for a few other nutrients.  That means that one dog food can have twice as much protein as another or have half as much zinc or iron than another.  However, both foods would be considered complete and balanced per AAFCO guidelines.  

Make sure to seek out pet food companies that are transparent about ingredients and their amounts.

2.) AAFCO Feedings Trials can tell you if a particular food will meet your dog’s health needs in the long run.  This is also false.  In truth, these trials last only 6 months at most and can’t tell you how your dog’s health will fair in the long run.

Again, make sure to find a transparent pet food company that uses quality ingredients and is transparent about their sourcing and safety.

3.) There is a best dog food.  False.  Truthfully, every dog likes something a little different or might have health conditions that dictate a certain kind of food.  Why do you think PURELUXE offers a number of different formulas for dogs?

4.) You should ask your veterinarian what the best food is.  Truthfully, although most veterinarians are honest, some are paid or influenced by pet food companies to sell only one brand of food.  That brand might be good for you but make sure to do the research.  Honest veterinarians will discuss openly with you about any dog foods you have found.

At PURELUXE Pet Food, we’re proud to be completely transparent about our ingredients, their sourcing and our safety testing.  We even give you transparency reports that give you test results for your own batch of food.  Shop smartly and see all of our dog and cat formulas at pureluxepetfood.com.