Clone Your Dog?

February 3, 2022 | Logan Simmons
A miner from Canada, Shaun, found a puppy by the name of Sydney about 13 years ago.  Quickly, Shaun found out that Sydney was great at locating a ball underground and then figured that she could be trained to locate sulfide scents as well.  From there, Sydney became a prospector.

Over the years, Sydney became a vital member of the mining company team and would travel with Shaun everywhere.  They were constant sidekicks.  However, as Sydney aged, it was clear that her prospecting days wouldn’t last forever.  Additionally, since Sydney was a mixture of more than seven breeds, it would be impossible to find another dog like Sydney with her special nose for sulfide.  Cloning was looking like an attractive option.

Shaun found a cloning facility in Texas, and 2 identical puppies were eventually born.  The 2 puppies, Olivia and Fiona, were initially rejected by Sydney, but, as time passed, Sydney began to teach the puppies the tricks of the trade.  It turned out that the puppies did have some skill in seeking out those mineral scents.  However, the two puppies have completely different personalities.  Fiona is the life of the party while Olivia is reserved.  Their personalities are also different from Sydney’s.  It just goes to show you that not every aspect can be cloned, and not every dog is the same.

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