Dealing with Pancreatitis in Dogs

September 2, 2021 | Logan Simmons

We all want the best health outcomes for our pets so any talk of disease can send a ch

We all want the best health outcomes for our pets so any talk of disease can send a chill down our spines.  In the case on the pancreas, which helps with digestion, it can become inflamed leading to pancreatitis.  You might first notice the condition if your dog begins to vomit, has a loss of appetite, lethargy, fever or abdominal pain.  If this does occur, a trip to the veterinarian is a must.

Although treatments are available, wouldn’t you like to take steps to avoid this condition all together?  At PURELUXE, we take your dog and cat’s health seriously, and, although we can never guarantee a health outcome, we hear story after story from pet parents about how PURELUXE has lessened a severe health condition or possibly prevented one. 

In the case of pancreatitis, some of the most common risk factors are obesity and diabetes which are conditions that can often be prevented thru proper diet and exercise.  PURELUXE carefully creates all of our dog and cat formulas to balance the perfect amounts of fresh meats, other proteins and fats.  We even offer our Healthy Weight Dog Formula for those pups that are overweight, older or less active to make sure they get on track and stay healthy.  We also make sure to eliminate any added sugars or fillers that can detract from the nutrition.  Learn more about our formulas and get your dog or cat onto a healthy path at pureluxepetfood.com.



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