Do you have your dog’s lymph circulation in mind?

January 20, 2022 | Logan Simmons
All of us appreciate our circulatory system that allows blood to flow through the bodies of us and o

All of us appreciate our circulatory system that allows blood to flow through the bodies of us and our dogs but do you think about the lymphatic system much?  The lymphatic system is full of a fluid called lymph that goes thru many parts of our bodies and cleans out the bad.  Some describe it as the body’s sanitation or garbage system.

When it comes to both dogs and humans, problems in the lymphatic system can range from lymphoma (cancer) to lymph node enlargement, and, as these are things we all want to avoid, steps need to be taken to mitigate these problems.  However, since we’re talking about dogs and pets here, what can you do for your pooch?  Here are 10 tips:

1.) Vigorous exercise that stimulates blood and lymph flow.

2.) Brush your dog’s skin with a firm grooming brush to stimulate the lymphatic system.

3.) Massage your dog to stimulate the lymphatic system.

4.) Acupuncture can help but check with your veterinarian first.

5.) Acupressure is similar to acupuncture but doesn’t use needles.

6.) Red light therapy uses lasers to stimulate skin cells.

7.) Make sure they drink plenty of water as it’s the principle ingredient in lymph.

8.) Talk to your veterinarian about herbs that can help the lymphatic system.

9.) Look into essential oils for the skin that can support lymph circulation.

10.) IMPROVE THE DIET.  It’s best to eliminate cheap grains like corn and soy and ensure that your dog’s food has supplemental enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics that help the lymphatic system.  Luckily, PURELUXE Pet Food has all of this in every formula.  Learn more about our formulas at pureluxepetfood.com.




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