Dog vs Cat

May 27, 2021 | Logan Simmons
You look into their furry faces as they stare back at you.  Their cuteness overcomes you, and then

You look into their furry faces as they stare back at you.  Their cuteness overcomes you, and then they tip over a glass onto the floor.  They’ve broken the glass, but you still love your cat with the same love as you did before.  Then, suddenly, your dog jumps into your lap and licks your face.  The love is the same – just different.

Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person (or both), you know how much you love them, and you want the best for them.  People are just a bit different.  It turns out that dog people tend to be more extroverted and open while cat people are often more curious but prefer to spend more time alone.  There’s nothing wrong with either.  Nevertheless, when your pet looks at you, you show affection towards them.  When they’re sick, you take them to the vet.  When their food is of poor quality, you make a change in diet.  It’s all part of the same love.

When it comes to food, PURELUXE Pet Food is at the forefront by sourcing the finest ingredients from all over the world with no fillers or additives.  Think about our deboned chicken, salmon and lamb that’s been sourced from the USA, Norway, New Zealand and Australia and the nutrition that it provides.  Think about how we eliminate certain meat meals that can cause allergies. Think about our transparency reports that give you actual safety test results of your individual batch of food.  It’s all an act of love on our part.

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