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At PURELUXE, we make natural pet food using ingredients from all over the world.  Our high-quality pet food includes a special blend of micro-nutrients specifically formulated to give your pet sustainable energy, immune support, healthy skin and a beautiful coat. We believe in setting a high transparency standard for the entire industry by giving consumers access to key nutritional information relevant to their pet’s health. This information is simplified and provided to you through our online transparency reports.

  • No Fillers 
  • No Sugars
  • Grain Free
  • All Naturally Preserved Raw Ingredients
  •  Low Glycemic and Gluten Free
  • Made in the USA

Which PURELUXE Fomula to Try?

-For our regular but not ordinary adult dogs, try our turkey, lamb or salmon formulas.

-For our dogs looking to loose a little in the tummy, try our healthy weight dog formula.

Our Healthy Weight Dog formula is designed for those dogs who are less active, mature or who simply need to be put on a diet. This calorie-focused formula is sure to support the nutritional needs you are trying to achieve yet provide a very tasty meal.

-For our smaller dogs, try our small breed formula.

Small Breed Adult Dog


Our Elite Small Breed Dog formula is formulated for smaller dogs that require more nutrition geared their smaller frames than medium or large size dogs. So if you have a Maltese, Yorkie, Silkie, Chihuahua, Shiatsu, or Dachshund (just to name a few) then this formula is perfect for you.

-For our puppies or highly active dogs, try our healthy activity formula.

Our Elite Healthy Activity Dog formula is for Puppies, Highly Active Dogs and Show Dogs who need just the proper mix of higher protein and specially blended fats to meet their high-level nutritional needs.