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Is your food hypoallergenic?
All PureLUXE formulas are designed to be eaten by pets with general food sensitivities.  We do not use chicken protein in any of our dog formulas.  Our Lamb ALS formula is designed as a single protein source diet and is for the dog who has serious food allergies.  However, please be sure to read our ingredients and make sure there is not an ingredient that your pet may have a reaction to.
Where do the ingredients come from?
On our website go to the Ingredients listing where you can click "Detailed Ingredients List" and see a complete list of countries of origin for all ingredients in PureLUXE pet food. One point worth mentioning is that none of our ingredients are from China.  
Where is it made?
Our pet food is made at CJ Foods in Bern, Kansas.  This factory is ISO certified as well as AIB certified and we consider it to be the most ethical factory in the world.  It costs more to use CJ Foods, but you can rest assured it is worth the extra expense for the peace of mind that you are working with the best in the industry.   
What makes the food holistic?
"Holistic" is a modern, natural approach to being healthy which considers the dog/cat as a whole.  Nutrition is probably the biggest part of being holistic.  The core of holistic nutrition is the food that your pet consumes which provides the overall health and wellbeing that you see.  Foods like fresh meats, vegetables, micro-nutrients that aide in digestion and prevention of disease and your pet requires good quality fats on a daily basis to keep their skin/coat and eyes looking great as well as keeping him/her in tip-top shape.  PureLUXE uses fresh meats, vegetables like peas, chickpeas and lentils as well as a variety of micro-nutrients to keep your pet's gut in proper functioning condition as well as keeping them healthy on a cellular level.
What is your source of carbohydrates?
We use split peas, chick peas and lentils as our main source of carbohydrates, which are ground finely into microscopic powders so when mixed with the fresh meats and other ingredients that produces an easily digestible kibble that your pet will enjoy.
What are your main proteins?
In our dog food line we have predominantly Turkey & Salmon, but we also have Lamb, and Salmon with Turkey as well. In our cat food line we have Turkey & Salmon as well as Salmon and Chicken.
Why do you use Turkey and not Chicken in your dog formulas?
Statistics show that dogs with allergies to meat are most commonly allergic to beef and chicken protein (not the 'fat'). We wanted our customers to have one less thing to worry about so we simply did not include Chicken protein in any of our dog formulas, nor did we include beef.  If your pet is hyper-sensitive to chicken in general but does well with Lamb then we would recommend our Lamb & Chickpeas diet which doesn't utilize chicken fat or chicken protein.  One thing many people do not know is that Turkey & Salmon are very high in 2 special amino acids: Tryptophan & Tyrosine.  Both assist neurotransmitters in the brain resulting in stress reduction, improved mental alertness and mood, which also helps with anxiety all while reducing carbohydrate cravings. This may explain why you want to fall asleep after you ate all that turkey during Thanksgiving!  

Who created the recipes?
PureLUXE utilizes a top pet food nutritionist in conjunction with specialists in animal digestion, preservation, and taste.  You will find that your pet will love the taste and you will appreciate the reduced stool volume & odor.

What if my dog doesn’t like the taste?
Although we are confident our food is very palatable we understand there are some extremely selective pets. We provide a Satisfaction Guarantee that includes 'taste preference'. However, if you have a picky pet please ask for a sample to see if your pet will enjoy it prior to committing to a purchase.