How do you find the best dry dog food?

May 19, 2022 | Logan Simmons
When it comes to dry foods for dogs (and cats too for that matter), there is brand after brand and v

When it comes to dry foods for dogs (and cats too for that matter), there is brand after brand and variety after variety.  It can be confusing to decide which one to pick.  However, a few helpful tips can send you in the right direction.  In short, a trip to the ingredients list is worth it.

1.) Look for a named animal protein source (like chicken or turkey) at the top of the ingredients list.  Ideally, this should be fresh meat.

2.) A meat meal should immediately follow (or be very close) to the fresh meat ingredient.  Additionally, the meat source should be named and not just be listed as “meat meal”.  It’s necessary to have meat meals as they’re protein packed and can be easily put into dry kibble.  Although fresh meat is a great protein source, using too much of it would cause the kibble to be too moist.

3.) Whole ingredients should be listed when any vegetable or carbohydrate is used.  For example, PURELUXE Pet Food uses ingredients such as dried chickpeas and dried lentils as opposed to something that’s already been ground up and processed.

4.) Any other animal products, like animal fat, should have their meat species named.  For example, beef meals and fats are known to cause more allergic reactions than some other meats.  It’s important to know what’s really in your pet’s food.

5.) Avoid added sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives.  It’s just healthier to avoid them, and some companies add these fillers to cover up the poor quality of their foods.

At PURELUXE, we’re proud to say that we meet or exceed all of the above.  Learn about what’s really in your pet’s food, and see all of our dog and cat formulas at pureluxepetfood.com.



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