How to Keep Your Dog Healthy at Home

February 25, 2021 | Logan Simmons
With quarantine still upon us, we might not get out as much as we’d like with our dogs. With this,

With quarantine still upon us, we might not get out as much as we’d like with our dogs. With this, how do we keep our dogs entertained and engaged in their lives? After reading a recent article in an industry publication, we at PURELUXE thought we’d share some ideas.

Did you know that there are actually dog TV streaming services? One of them has a full library of content where the color and sound is adjusted to better suit a dog’s senses. The theory is that this will make it more engaging for dogs. If you prefer something more basic, there’s everything from DVDs, dog themed YouTube channels to just plain old TV. Just put your pooch in front of a soccer game on TV and see what happens.

However, there are critics of these services. Some say the content is too stimulating and that pet parents substitute TV for actual human-dog interaction like playing and walking. The experts say that if you choose to use these dog TV services, you should sit and watch them with your dog. Think of it like watching a program with your child and explaining to them what they see on the TV.

At PURELUXE, we couldn’t emphasis pet health and wellbeing more. With that, after you’re done watching your favorite program with your dog, make sure that a bag of PURELUXE Dog formula is at the ready. We know that your furry family member will appreciate a bowl of transparent and holistic pet food after a satisfying show. Visit pureluxepetfood.com for a special trial offer and to learn more about our formulas.


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