How to stop the begging?

November 10, 2022 | Logan Simmons
We’ve all experienced it during mealtime.  Our dogs an

We’ve all experienced it during mealtime.  Our dogs and cats won’t stop jumping on us or wining to get a taste of the food on the table.  Are they actually hungry or is it they just can’t resist?

As pet parents, we know the importance of correct feeding portions and the harm that can be caused by overfeeding and the wrong kinds of foods.  That’s why it’s important to eliminate this begging behavior, or, at the very least, not enforce it.  Here are a couple of tips to mitigate the situation:

1.) Stop letting guests and household members feed your pet table scraps during meals.  This will only make the situation worse and can negatively effect your pet’s health.

2.) Train your pet by telling them to “go to their mat” or some other area during mealtime.  It’s best to still have them nearby so they can feel like they’re “participating” without actually eating. 

It’s best to combine these two efforts to put a stop to begging.  At PURELUXE Pet Food, we know the importance of pure nutrition and what’s in your pet’s food.  Therefore, once you eliminate the begging, take a look at what your dog or cat is currently eating and compare it to PURELUXE.  You’ll find the highest quality ingredients with transparent sourcing and safety in every formula we sell.  See all of our formulas at pureluxepetfood.com.