Is Your Dog Scooting?

September 23, 2021 | Logan Simmons
Have you ever noticed your dog dragging their rear on the ground or trying to wipe it off on the gra

Have you ever noticed your dog dragging their rear on the ground or trying to wipe it off on the grass?  If so, your dog likely is trying to relive the pressure and discomfort of overly full anal glands.  Basically, they can’t get everything they need to get out in a bowel movement.

In these cases, the anal glands will need to be manually expressed by a vet, vet tech or a skilled groomer.  You can even do this yourself (see link/address below) or it’s often done regularly by a groomer anyway.  However, this is only a one time solution.  To prevent further irritation, check with your vet to make sure their aren’t any infections, abscesses or tumors in the anal glands.  Also, the motion of taking your dog for frequent walks can help prevent the glands from getting too full. If that all checks out, a lack of fiber is the likely culprit.  

Any number of fiber supplements, both natural or artificial, can be recommended by your vet to alleviate scooting.  However, a look at your dog’s food is also in order.  Does their food help with digestion and bowel movements?  What are the ingredients?  At PURELUXE, we carefully create all of our formulas with easy digestion in mind.  We make sure to include pumpkin seeds for their fiber content while also adding dried chicory root which is a prebiotic that helps the large intestine.  This is in addition to the hearty amounts other pro and prebiotics in our formulas.  Additionally, all of these digestive healthy ingredients are included in all of our dog and cat formulas.  Find the perfect formula for your dog or cat at pureluxepetfood.com.




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