Keeping Up With Your Pet’s Health

June 27, 2017 | Jeremiah Davis

It can be hard to tell if a dog is sick or just having a long day but it is important for us to monitor our pet’s health as often as possible.

We all know sometime our dogs can be very vocal about what is bothering them but other times it is hard for them to tell us what is wrong. It can be hard to tell if a dog is sick or just having a long day so here a few ways to monitor your dog’s health daily:

1. Temperature  Dogs often have cool noses but this does not mean they are not experiencing a fever. Dogs have a higher body temperature than humans and while their nose can remain cool their body temperatures can still be rising to dangerous levels.  You can take your dogs temperature with digital thermometer to ensure they are in good health.

2. Gums Dogs gums should maintain a health pink glow. A dog with gum that are abnormally pale or dark can be experiencing health problems. It is important to check your dogs gums fairly often to make sure they are staying healthy.

3.Respiratory Rate Panting is normal for dogs but how can you tell if your dog is panting too much? You should be able to visibly see signs of respiratory distress, Look at your dogs abdomen If dog’s abdomen is expanding instead of their chest the could be a sign of a respiratory problem and you should seek veterinary assistance.

4. Heart Rate Dogs heart rates can very by size, toy breeds tend to have higher heart rates than larger breeds. A variety of factors can contribute to a increase in a dog’s heart rate but avoid prolonged activity in hot weather and reducing foreign stimuli can help keep your dog’s heart rate normal.