Unparalleled Transparency


Want Transparency? Who doesn’t! If you are reading this, you are a pet parent who cares about what you are feeding your best friend. You have probably heard about pet food brands that provide their customers with false information and find themselves in a product recall due to food safety concerns. While no one is exempt from a recall, PureLuxe has reduced risk because we work with the most ethical factory in the world.

Our transparency starts with our willingness to be open and honest with our partners and customers and we would not be able to provide you all the information we do without an amazing Co-Packer and their partners. It is a collaborative effort that began with formulating a proprietary line of dry food that is sustainable and super healthy for pets.  We carefully selected each ingredient so everything is naturally preserved from the source, Low-Ash, Non-GMO, Non-Chinese, Low-Glycemic and Gluten Free.

Utilizing the best ingredients in pet foods can be tested and proven, so having our Co-Packer review label claims and give their seal of approval is a key part of our transparency process. We are proud that we can provide you specific reports and educate you on what is nutrition with value vs. simple ‘food’. We simplify this information and provide the details so you can be fully educated and have peace of mind while your furry friend will be safe and healthy. Try one of our unique formulas of dog or cat food and start having peace of mind.

Elite Nutrition for Citified Pets


Dogs’ origins may have come from wolves in the wild, but like humans, they have domesticated and now enjoy pampered lives as our furry family members.   They require specific nutrition based on their modern, citified lifestyle.  Pureluxe Elite Nutrition provides targeted ingredients within a grain free kibble for your privileged dogs (cats too).

Pureluxe Elite Nutrition is Grain Free, Farm to Bowl cuisine at its finest. The Modern Pet Parent has reduced yard size, if any yard at all. Their furry four-legged family members are generally couch loungers and either have separation anxiety or simply stress from noises they cannot see or suffer from general daily boredom. Let’s not forget how long they must hold-it before being able to relieve themselves. Combine this with infrequent walks on concrete, doggie day care, all the pesticides and chemicals that they are exposed to that we can’t smell or may not even know about – gives way to how important daily nutrition is to their overall health. We utilize key proteins and starches such as Turkey which has high levels of tyrosine and tryptophan, which are amino acids that aide in stress reduction. Our holistic blend of ingredients such as Prebiotics, Probiotics, Cranberries, Coconut Oil, Kelp, Yucca, L-Carnitine, Taurine, Turmeric, and at least 1% of rich Omega 3 Fatty Acids support dogs and cats on a cellular level. Having a strong immune system helps to stave off infection, so these micro-nutrients act to the benefit of the pet when they are consumed on a daily basis making Pureluxe a Perfect Food for a Citified Pet.

5 Star Nutrition


PureLuxe is made with 5 Star Nutrition in mind. Low-ash meats, cooling starches, an excellent blend of fiber and terrific healthy fats are only some of things that help to make our brand so great. Each of our ingredients are hand-selected for a purpose within the formula that provides your pet with a level of nutrition that cannot be surpassed. Each diet is carefully studied to ensure that specific AAFCO standards are being met while providing the peak of nutrition. Balance is the key when looking at a more urban lifestyle. PureLuxe delicately provides a balance between what dogs and cats need vs. what ingredients and micro-nutrition is beneficial to them in order to sustain a healthy life.

All-In-One Pet Food


When considering a brand of pet food for your beloved pet/child, look no further than PureLuxe for dogs and cats.Our cat formulas are for kittens, senior, adults and the most finicky cats, and our dog food is just as specialized. Our taste preference is second to none, so we know your furry friend will enjoy each morsel no matter the formula. PureLuxe formulas have fresh meat 1st, limited ingredient nutrition with high levels of probiotics and Omega 3 Fatty Acids, as well as EPA and DHA. We do not use chicken meal (protein) in any dog diet. You can trust our specially formulated pet food as the best all-in-one choice for your best friend.

Top 3 Reasons to Buy PureLuxe for your Pet


1) 1) All PureLUXE formulas are designed to be eaten by pets with general food sensitivities. We use low glycemic, gluten-free ingredients sourced without GMOs. In our dog formulas, we avoid the use of chicken and beef meal (protein) as statistics show that dogs are the most commonly allergic to those two protein sources.

2) 2) We facilitated the use of limited ingredient nutrition recipes focused on boosting pet health. For instance, we use turkey which has high levels of tyrosine and tryptophan – amino acids that aid in stress reduction. We strive to strengthen pet immune systems through the incorporation of high levels of probiotics and prebiotics, along with holistic blends of micronutrients (i.e. cranberries, coconut oil, kelp, yucca, L-Carnitine, taurine, turmeric, omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA) – all carefully selected to positively support your pet.

3) PureLUXE’s perfect transparency process ensures consumers have access to specific information for each formula we create. This helps consumers know that our food typically exceeds AAFCO and FDA standards.