Who is a Modern Pet?


  • + Lives in Urban Environment { Citi-fied } with
  • + Reduced Yard Space if any at all
  • + Reduced opportunities to relieve self throughout the day
  • + Experience Separation Anxiety and Eats out of Boredom
  • + Exposed to indoor pollution unseen nor thought of by pet parents
  • + Runs/walks on concrete side walks and paths
  • + Often can experience excessive Gas or Bad Breath
  • + At risk of becoming overweight
  • + Has pet parent(s) who treat them like part of the family



Who is a Modern Pet Parent? 


  • + Anyone who has a dog/cat and treats them as a child  {humanizes them}
  • + Reads & Socializes about their child-pets with the hope to provide them with what is best for their health
  • + Seriously Pampers their pet with not only love but products and services
  • + Conflicted by a busy lifestyle with work and social obligations that limits time spent with their pet {Guilt – enough attention nor exercise}



Why Modern Pets & Pet Parents Love PURELUXE? 


  • + Package sophistication that is visually appealing with a feeling of Trust and Quality
  • + The easiest open & shut seal-closure on the market – pet parents’ # 1 after purchase favorite attribute
  • + What you see is what you get {package bullet points} – factory verified ALL IN ONE Nutrition
  • + Their pets love the taste, and they feel secure that they are feeding a brand that has integrity and ethics
  • + Once understand how Quality is not created equal the Value for the money is well spent to have peace of mind and a happy pet
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