Mold, feathers and drugs?

December 9, 2021 | Logan Simmons
You all hear the horror stories. A dog or cat tries a new bag of food, and they can’t breathe 15 m

You all hear the horror stories. A dog or cat tries a new bag of food, and they can’t breathe 15 minutes later. A trip to the vet can sometimes save them, but, in other instances, it’s too late. What causes this? Often times, contaminants in your pet’s food can be to blame.

In fact, the USA’s FDA has found euthanasia drugs is some pet food meat since some animals used for pet food meat are diseased and are killed with euthanasia drugs. These drugs aren’t normally removed during the rendering and cooking process of pet food. Additionally, there are often synthetic preservatives in food that extend the shelf life of pet food but can also cause harm to pets over time. Let’s not even get into pet food manufacturer claims of “real meat” which is often a hydrolyzed meat product containing animal feathers and other undesirable parts.

At PURELUXE Pet Food, we make sure that fresh meat is our number one ingredient while ensuring that any preservative used is completely natural. Additionally, we don’t add any other preservatives or fillers to either increase taste or increase shelf life. On top of that, we provide transparency reports that show real safety tests of what is and isn’t in your pet’s food. Take a look at all of our dog and cat formulas at pureluxepetfood.com.


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