Never Just a Cat

July 14, 2021 | Logan Simmons

After the recent news of a condominium collapse near Miami, Florida USA, many have mou

After the recent news of a condominium collapse near Miami, Florida USA, many have mourned the loss of life and have many questions as to why the tragedy occurred.  However, even as the likelihood of survivors dwindled, a sole dusty cat was found walking around the rubble.  It turns out that Binx the cat had survived the collapse, and he was quickly reunited with his family that was anxious to see him.  In fact, the family in question lost a father in the collapse and likely assumed that Binx had suffered the same fate.  

After the news of Binx’s discovery, some went to social media to comment on the news stories and said that Binx was “only a cat” and didn’t really matter when it came to the loss of life.  However, the statistics seem to prove these individuals wrong.  Studies have suggested that over 90% of pet parents consider their pets to be family members.

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