Not all Pet Food Factories are Created Equal

June 9, 2021 | Logan Simmons
Did you know that not every factory who makes pet food can ship outside of the USA? Furthermore,

Did you know that not every factory who makes pet food can ship outside of the USA?

Furthermore, the USA is known to make the best pet food in the world but there is more to it than just reputation.  The factory must comply with each country’s rules and regulations for import.  Each country has a different set of rules.  While some countries are very lax such as Japan and Hong Kong, others are extremely strict such as the European Union, China, Russia, Israel and Korea to name a few.  Not all factories can comply with their rules and regulations.  Only a few factories have the ability to export to these countries, and those factories have the most strict health and safety policies as well as traceability of raw materials.  They are inspected and audited by the USDA Special Veterinary Services Department and by third party organizations who give ISO9001 or SQF Good Manufacturing Practices Certifications annually.

Not only does PURELUXE use such a prominent factory, but we also export to these countries that require this added transparency along with strict health and safety guidelines.  We are proud to serve more than 10 countries outside the USA serving thousands of valued customers in places like Africa, Asia, the Caribbean Islands, Latin America, Russia and soon the Middle East.

At PURELUXE, we believe in setting the highest nutrition and transparency standards for all of our customers.  We even provide transparency reports to you, our customers, that go over safety testing of your individual batch of food.  It’s all part of our Pure Nutrition promise and why PURELUXE is Great Tasting Pet Food You Can Trust!

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