Pet Parents Want Fruits and Vegetables!

September 9, 2021 | Logan Simmons

Pet food industry observers have noticed a trend from 2020 that seems to be continuing

Pet food industry observers have noticed a trend from 2020 that seems to be continuing into this year.  Pet parents are increasingly concerned about having a healthy diet (such as fruits a vegetables) for themselves, and this is being passed onto their pets.  One clear example of this is the prevalence of pumpkin and squash in pet food products which has increased 500% between June 2018 and May 2021.  At PURELUXE, we’ve had pumpkin seeds in our dog and cat formulas since the beginning.

An industry expert stated the following about pumpkin in a recent market trend report: “Pumpkin is nutrient dense and offers a wealth of wellness benefits, immunity support, for one. It contains high levels of immunity-boosting nutrients, including vitamin C and vitamin A. It also contains folate and iron, which can help strengthen the immune system by supporting physical barriers such as skin and boosting production of antibodies.”

Experts expect the amounts of nutritious fruits and vegetables in pet food to continue to increase and note that ongoing pandemic may have increased interest in these healthy ingredients.  At PURELUXE, we’ve been touting the benefits of fruits and vegetables in our formulas since the beginning.  Learn all about our formulas and ingredients at pureluxepetfood.com.



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