Pets and Politics – Does Your Pet Care Who Wins the Election?

October 7, 2020 | Logan Simmons

Have you found yourself binge watching political shows on TV with you

Have you found yourself binge watching political shows on TV with your beloved fur buddy curled up next to you?  Did you ever think: Does Luna like a particular candidate for the way they look or the tone of their voice?  Maybe you’re like Pavlov, and you have the power to sway Luna to like a particular candidate over another just by petting her more when she hears the voice of that candidate.  At PureLUXE, we honestly don’t know!  However, we do know that you would support a company with Ethics, Accountability, and Transparency in the same way you would support a political candidate.  Learn more about Elite Nutrition, our transparency reporting with every batch and what makes PureLUXE the #1 in Transparent Nutrition in America.  Give your pet Great Tasting Food that You Can Trust!

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Photo by Ketut Subivanto from Pexels

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