Pureluxe is designed to be fed to indoor pets with food sensitivities in mind. Many of us living in the city have limited space or opportunity to let our dogs out to play as much as they need. Most of us have a dog walker or drop our pet to have interaction as local boarding facilities to have a peace of mind. All of us love our pets and want them to be happy. The core of happiness after love and sheltar is being healthy. That is the one thing each of us can give our pet without fail.

Finding the best pet food for our pet can be difficult with all the push and pull coming from advertisers. Pureluxe wants to make it easy for you. Each of our formulas contains fresh Turkey, Lamb or Salmon as the # 1 ingredient. All formulas have an industry leading minimum of 1% omega 3 fatty acids and 100 million CFU/lb of active probiotics. We never use Chinese ingredients, none of our formulas have corn, wheat, soy, by-products, fillers or sugars. We have a proprietary blend of micro-nutrients as levels that are useful to your pet that include coconut oil, cranberries, taurine, l-carnitine, prebiotics and kelp just to name a few – each with a useful function in the digestive health of your pet.

You have a dog sensitive to chicken meat, no problem – none of our dog formulas contain chicken protein. Typical chicken allergy is to the protein and not the fat . chicken fat is regarded as the best source of fat in pet food).