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October 28, 2021 | Logan Simmons
All across the world, the ongoing pandemic and supply shortages make it difficult to find certain pe

All across the world, the ongoing pandemic and supply shortages make it difficult to find certain pet foods and other treats for our dogs and cats.  This has led pet parents to revaluate their pet’s food and often switch to other formulas or brands to cope.  However, in spite of the difficulty this causes, a silver lining is also clear.

With many big box retailers running short of pet food formulas from large multinational brands, pet parents have had to turn to smaller family owned retailers and pet food companies where a more reliable supply exists.  At PURELUXE Pet Food, we’re a small company that also has a worldwide reach from the United States to the Philippines to Nigeria and beyond.  We also often sell thru smaller retailers in addition to our own website in the United States.  

We know that many pet parents love to support local small business, and, at PURELUXE, so do we.  We love working with smaller pet food stores and chains that can offer that personalized touch that the big guys can’t seem to match.  Additionally, these smaller stores often have a more healthy and curated assortment of pet foods where PURELUXE can fit right in.

At PURELUXE, we source only the best ingredients and make sure to be transparent about our safety and testing.  You’ll see real results in your pet thru increased energy, better health outcomes and much more.  Make sure to visit pureluxepetfood.com where you can locate a retailer near you or even purchase our formulas online if you’re in the United States.



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