Should you feed your pet a raw diet?

May 13, 2021 | Logan Simmons
As you research pet foods, there are often a lot of miracle claims out there stating that this food

As you research pet foods, there are often a lot of miracle claims out there stating that this food or that formula can change your pet’s life.  There are also claims that commercial pet foods are unsafe and that you can only trust what you cook your pet in your own kitchen.  This brings up the discussion of raw diets for dogs and if they’re the right fit for your dog.

At PURELUXE, and here in our blog, we’ve discussed dangers and recalls that have effected a number of commercial dog foods while highlighting the Pure Nutrition as well as the transparency of our own formulas.  However, some have stated that dogs need to eat the same food as their wolf ancestors did such as raw meat, bones and vegetable scraps.  They argue that commercial dogs foods (since they don’t contain ingredients presented in that way) are harmful to dogs.

However, many veterinarians, along with the FDA, disagree with that assessment.  They point out that raw meat may contain bacterial threats and that an ever changing diet may be harmful to dogs.  Many raw diets have not been carefully balanced by nutritional experts, and, as such, may not contain all of the nutrients that your dog actually needs.

As such, we at PURELUXE argue against raw diets for your pet.  However, we do believe that you should research your pet’s food carefully, examine its ingredients and also examine how transparent a pet food company is with its production and testing procedures.  Check out our site at pureluxepetfood.com to learn about our ingredients and processes.



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