What Not to Eat! – Dog Edition

September 29, 2022 | Logan Simmons
We all know dogs love to eat any number of things they shouldn’t.  Sometimes it’s innocent but other times they can be chewing on something dangerous.  Here are 7 things that your dog should avoid:

1.) Chocolate

-This can cause anemia and prevent your dog’s heart from delivering oxygen.

2.) Onions, chives and garlic

-These can cause similar symptoms to chocolate consumption.

3.) Cinnamon

-Volatile oils can irritate your dog’s mouth and digestive tract.  Additionally, it can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar.

4.) Macadamia Nuts

-These cause vomiting, poor coordination, muscle weakness and even death.

5.) Grapes and raisins

-These are linked with kidney disfunction.  However, cranberries, which are included in PURELUXE formulas, help with urinary health and can be safe in small amounts.

6.) Excess Salt

-This can lead to water retention issues and even organ failure.

7.) Small choking hazards

-Think of your dog like a small child or baby.  They can easily choke on certain objects.

All of this being said, do you know what your dog should be eating?  Quality food of course.  Learn all about PURELUXE and our dog and cat formulas at pureluxepetfood.com.