What’s the best pet for your mental health?

March 24, 2022 | Logan Simmons
A recent article featuring the New York psychiatrist and TikToker Dr. Judith Joseph touches on one o

A recent article featuring the New York psychiatrist and TikToker Dr. Judith Joseph touches on one of the things we love most about our pets – how they help us with our mental health.  It’s true that we always need a companion at our side.  However, did you know that she believes that certain pets are best for certain mental health conditions?  Here’s a handy list:

*Dogs are best for those with depression as they’re empathetic and force you to go outside.

*Cats are great for those with autism since they don’t make intense eye contact, and they understand physical boundaries.

*Horses can help those that have undergone trauma as they help build trust and encourage bonding and a sense of safety.

*Fish are excellent for those that suffer anxiety.  Just watching them swim around calms the brain and lowers blood pressure.

*Snakes can help those with bipolar disorder as their rhythmic movements on your arm can stabilize your mood.

*Lizards help those with ADHD since they’re independent and don’t require much maintenance.

*Birds help stabilize those with OCD, and they’re contained in their environment and don’t make a mess everywhere.  They also provide a soothing tune.

*Turtles are helpful for those with dementia as they’re slower and may help trigger your memory.

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