Why is Premium Dog Food Usage Up?

October 14, 2021 | Logan Simmons
At a recent pet food forum, data was released stating that the use of premium dog food has increased

At a recent pet food forum, data was released stating that the use of premium dog food has increased dramatically over the past decade.  In fact, certain premium dog food brands have seen a more than 100% increase in their market share over the period when compared to budget brands.  Why is this?

At PURELUXE, we’ve noticed an increased interest in overall pet health and healthy ingredients in pet food, and we’re happy to provide the best dog and cat formulas we can to meet this new demand.  However, how do you know which premium pet food brand is better?  The word “premium” actually tells you very little.  

The first thing to do is take a look at the ingredients listed on the package.  Is fresh meat, as opposed to corn or meal, the first ingredient?  Does the pet food company take care in adding helpful supplements and extracts?  How much of these supplements and extracts are actually included in their formulas?  Are they transparent about their safety testing and insuring the safety of your dog or cat?

At PURELUXE, we always include fresh meat as our #1 ingredient while including more amounts of supplements and extracts than the competition does.  As for safety, we show you our own factory internal batch test results so you can see what we see.  What are the ash levels?  What’s the cook percentage?  We tell you all of that for your individual batch of food.  Just go to pureluxepetfood.com for your personalized transparency report.  

When it comes to premium food, check out the differences, and checkout PURELUXE Pet Food for your dog or cat today.



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