Why is Quality Control Important?

October 7, 2021 | Logan Simmons
The latest news out of the pet food world brings us another recall and one that you might not think

The latest news out of the pet food world brings us another recall and one that you might not think would be a big deal.  A major pet food brand has detected higher than expected levels of vitamin D in their wet dog food which could lead to health problems such as kidney issues.

We often don’t think about having too much of a vitamin or an ingredient as being a problem.  For example, eating a few oranges in a day might exceed our recommended daily levels of vitamin C but a doctor never told us not to eat them.  However, with dogs and cats, a carefully balanced diet is so important that governments often require pet foods to meet specific health requirements.

At PURELUXE, we not only follow these government guidelines but exceed them – without exceeding a safe level of ingredients and vitamins.  One huge safety advantage of PURELUXE’s dog and cats formulas is that we test every batch of food we make where as the competition only tests some batches.  This allows us to catch virtually all problems that might occur in manufacturing to insure that not only our vitamin levels are appropriate but also that our formulas are free of unsafe levels of harmful substances.  In fact, we provide these safety testing reports to you thru our transparency reports on pureluxepetfood.com.  Just take a look at your bag of PURELUXE and enter the transparency code on the bag into the box on our site to see your batch’s test reports.  Try it for yourself today.



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